Super Bowl alternatives: 5 things to do if you don't like football


Millions of Americans will be glued to television screens Sunday night to watch the NFL title game.

Football not your thing? Super Bowl Sunday is also a great day to wander out into a crowd-free world. Here are five suggestions:

Get outside.

What, like, outdoors? Yes! Try something you've never done before. Ski slopes will be less crowded – Sunday is the day to learn and not worry about anyone watching you fall. Or go online and buy a cheap used pair of snowshoes or cross-country skis, then hit your local park. Go ice skating at Landmark Plaza in St. Paul – it's free; rentals just $2. Or take a winter hike – see info about winter trails from the DNR here, or at Explore Minnesota.

Spend time with your kids

Just about anywhere your kids want to go will be less crowded and offer a quieter time to connect with wee ones. Teenager? Super Bowl Sunday afternoons are a good time to teach him/her how to parallel park and make a safe lane change – traffic will be light. It's probably best to get off the road by halftime; Super Bowl Sunday is notorious for drunken driving.

Put your gym membership to use

The Super Bowl is a national holiday that honors the great American traditions of sitting on a couch and snarfing junk food. So be a trendsetter and exercise. You'll have no problem snagging machines at the gym Sunday night.

Avoid crowds

It's a good time to go grocery shopping, if that chore is still on your weekend to-do list. Popular restaurants that typically book up for Sunday dinner will likely have reservations available. You could hit the mall, where the crowds will be thin. Or catch a movie – you can probably leave at the last minute and still get a great seat at a newly released film.

Watch TV

What's this? There are other things to watch? Channel surf to unexplored corners of your cable package. AOL has a video of what to watch that's not the Super Bowl, including the Puppy Bowl, which starts a 2 p.m. on Animal Planet. Or go back and watch all those old great Super Bowl commercials, one after another (without commercial interruption).

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