Not just for work: Standing desks begin to make the grade at school


Perhaps you've heard by now that more office workers are taking a stand for their jobs.

Well, the Pioneer Press reports that a Twin Cities company is helping the trend toward standing desks expand into classrooms, as well.

Eagan-based Ergotron makes a variety of desk models for those ready to try standing at work. The company promotes the idea through its Just Stand campaign, which aims to combat various health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle by getting more Americans on their feet while they work.

Now the Pioneer Press says Ergotron has put child-sized standing desks on wheels and rolled them into some Twin Cities classrooms on a trial basis. The newspaper says the desks are designed to let squirmy kids burn off energy without being disruptive and the early reviews from teachers are positive.

The benefits of standing desks are still being studied but many supporters of their use say they're preferable to prolonged sitting, which has been identified as a culprit in health problems such as obesity and diabetes.

With the CDC reporting a few years ago that more than one-third of U.S. children are overweight, schools are showing an interest in standing desks and hundreds are now trying them, according to the website District Administration.

A teacher in Flagler County, Florida, whose fourth-graders are using standup desks told a local television station: "My wigglers? Problem solved. They're standing."

Some educators say having the option to stand helps students focus in the classroom.

Is there a such a thing as being too young for a standup desk? Well, you see a lot on Twitter nowadays, but 10 months might be pushing it...

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