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It's not just you that hates your internet service, survey finds

ISPs tied for dead last in a survey asking about customer satisfaction.

Airlines: "Boy, our customer satisfaction reputation must be hurting."

ISPs: "Hold our beer."

A new survey finds internet service providers are among the worst companies in America for customer satisfaction, with people mainly complaining about slow and unreliable service, combined with high costs.

This comes from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, a well-known annual survey that ask people how satisfied they are with industries.

Internet service providers – that'd be the companies that give you internet access, like Comcast or CenturyLink or Mediacom – came in tied for dead last in 2017.

They were even with subscription TV at a score of 64, the lowest figure among the 43 industries surveyed. So that's below airlines (an industry that's had um, a few PR issues this year), below hotels, below the federal government, and well under retailers like Target.

Who was best/worse?

The index ranks the big ISPs individually as well. Fios from Verizon came in at the top, with a score of 71. Down on the other end with a score of 56 is Frontier. Here's the list:

  • Fios – 71
  • U-Verse (AT&T) – 69
  • Optimum (Altice) – 68
  • Suddenlink (Altice) – 66
  • Spectrum (Charter Communications) - 65
  • All others – 63
  • Cox Communications – 62
  • Time Warner Cable (Charter Communications) – 62
  • Xfinity (Comcast) – 60
  • CenturyLink – 59
  • Mediacom – 58
  • Windstream – 57
  • Frontier Communications – 56

What annoys people the most

"Competition is limited across most of the country, and customers are unhappy to be locked into service contracts when prices rise," the index wrote in the report. Service is still largely considered to be slow and unreliable."

Internet users think just about everything got worse.

Even though overall speeds haven't changed, people perceive video streaming as being of lower quality now. They also say internet performance during busy hours has deteriorated.

And internet service is considered more unreliable, and more prone to cutting out.

Call centers? People hate those, as they fell to a low rating of 61.

People think bills are hard to understand, customer service is poor, and using an ISP's website isn't a good experience.

You can read the full report (which also touches on wireless service, how people still hate cable companies, and which phones people like the most) by clicking here.

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