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Not-so-happy campers: Norovirus outbreak sickens students near SE Minn.


A YMCA camp in western Wisconsin has been cleaned after more than 50 children from a Farmington school district were sickened with norovirus, the Associated Press reports, though it's not clear where the roughly 30 5th-graders got the bug.

A group of children from Akin Road Elementary became sick after visiting the YMCA Camp Pepin near Stockholm, Wisc., Monday through Wednesday.

The Independent of Farmington reports that both the Minnesota and Wisconsin health departments acquit the camp, saying the virus is in the air elsewhere.

“We believe that there was/is norovirus in the community and in the schools in Farmington, and some kids were getting sick once they get to the camp,” the paper quotes Doug Schultz of the MDH. “Kids are not getting sick from the camp.”

The camp, situated between Stockholm and Lake Pepin on the Mississippi, has been scrubbed top-to-bottom four times since, according to Red Wing Family YMCA Executive Director Mike Melstad, the paper reports.

The Independent also gives a chronology of the outbreak, which started--as these things often do--with a kid getting off a bus and throwing up immediately upon arrival to the campground.

Want to know more about norovirus? Google it yourself; we don't have the stomach for it.

The AP also reports a second group of elementary-school children arrived on Wednesday, but left early on Thursday after two children became sick.

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