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Nothing says romance like...the Steam Threshers Reunion?


Who knew? The annual Steam Threshers Reunion in Rollag, Mn gets the gears of the heart turning.

WDAY reports the Labor Day weekend event, held near Hawley in the northwestern corner of the state, has become a popular spot for weddings and proposals, and this year's gathering was no exception. The station was there when Corey Drewlow, a longtime member of the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers, got down on one knee before girlfriend Amanda Drewlow as she sat in a canvas folding chair watching the parade of the old farm machinery.

The bride-to-be told the station she's on board. "It's something that we both enjoy and we can have memories to enjoy in the future, too," she said.

The event's website boasts, "Every Labor Day weekend since 1954, generations of threshermen & women get together to relive the tradition of the good ol’ days and bring the past to life for the enjoyment of young and old alike."

The show, including hundreds of demonstrations and exhibits over 210 acres, attracts thousands of spectators. The old-time celebration has all the new-fangled way to spread the thresherman's gospel, with a Facebook page, a Twitter feed and a YouTube channel.

Forum News reported that in celebration of its 60th anniversary, this year's event features a collection of restored Gaar Scott tractors. The engines are rare because production ended in 1912.

Like we said, who knew?

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