Now possible animal poisonings are being reported in Apple Valley

Some pets and wild animals have apparently been poisoned.

Apple Valley is the latest city to report possible animal poisonings.

The police department said Monday it has responded to two animal poisoning calls involving multiple animal victims, including pets and wild animals.

The incidents were reported around Garden View Drive and County Road 42, with police saying they're not sure how the poisonings happened. But they urged residents to be cautious and call police if they see anything suspicious.

If you suspect your pet may have been poisoned, call your vet. And if it turns out your pet was indeed poisoned, call 911, police said.

David Virden with the Apple Valley Police Department told GoMN Tuesday they've gotten reports of two cats dying after eating a rabbit (it's believed the rabbit made them sick), and reports of two dogs dying, but no tests were done to confirm they were poisoned. 

Virden says no lab tests have confirmed any animals were poisoned, adding it's not yet clear if these incidents were intentional poisonings. He said reports of animal poisonings started coming in after someone posted to Facebook saying her dog was poisoned. Police have reached out to her, but haven't heard back.

More animal poisoning attempts recently

This is the latest incident of animal poisonings in the Twin Cities area. Last week, the Minneapolis Police Department reported someone has been throwing bread into people's yards, noting two squirrels died and dogs were sickened.

Minneapolis police warned residents to make sure their dog doesn’t eat anything strange in the yard or at the park.

In December 2016, the St. Paul Police Department warned people to look in their yards for tainted treats after people found bread that authorities think had poison.

There were also incidents of dog poisonings in Hopkins last fall. One dog died, and the other had permanent organ damage after eating treats with antifreeze in them.

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