Now you can play NBA Jam with Towns, Wiggins, and Donald Trump

The update brings a modern touch to the 90s game.

If you're an NBA Jam fan, but always wished you could play with today's hottest players – you're in luck.

A website called Hogs with a Blog just released a version of the long-running video game that features updated rosters for all 30 teams. It's called NBA Jam 2K17 and you can find the update here.

So if you look at the Timberwolves' roster, you'll find Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins, Fox Sports North reports.

Kotaku says there are even more players that you can unlock – like Donald Trump, Kanye West and Harambe. Why not, right?

So how do you play it?

Well, first you need a Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator. However, the Star Tribune says playing with one is kind of a "legal gray area." The Verge explains that the game isn't approved by the NBA or Electronic Arts – which is the current owner of the NBA Jam IP. So the legality is questionable. Keep that in mind.

Then just download the update and play away.

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