Nurse charged with stealing meds at St. Cloud Hospital

A nurse at St. Cloud Hospital was charged for allegedly stealing pain medication from 23 patients and is also accused by hospital staff of introducing bacterial infections to patients from syphoning from IV bags.
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A nurse at St. Cloud Hospital is facing federal charges after allegedly stealing pain medication from drug lockboxes. The Star Tribune reports from November 2010 to March 2011, 42-year-old Blake Zenner of Kimball, Minn. is accused of syphoning hydromorphone hydrochloride from IV bags intended for 23 patients. Zenner refilled the bags with saline solution.

A hospital spokeswoman tells the newspaper 23 patients in the same unit developed infections because of contamination when Zenner removed the drugs from the IV bag.

An attorney for the nurse tells the St. Cloud Times that they dispute the claim that Zenner caused the infections.

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