Nurse may have used same syringe on up to 161 patients at St. Paul clinic

The nurse no longer works for the clinic.

Allina Health is contacting 161 patients who may have received injections using the same syringe last year.

The health services provider says the mistake was made by a nurse practitioner in the dermatology department of its Bandana Square clinic in St. Paul last October.

The nurse used a different needle for every patient, however used the same single-dose syringe for more than one patient.

As a result, Allina Health is contacting all patients who got an injection from the nurse in question that month.

Allina said the nurse is "no longer working in the clinic and a comprehensive review is underway to help ensure nothing like this occurs again."

It added that it believes the risk of infection to these patients is "very low," but is recommended they be tested for exposure to infectious diseases "out of an abundance of caution."

"Allina Health is very sorry this occurred and we are doing everything we can to help those who may have been affected," the company said in a statement to GoMN.

"Again, while the risk of infection is very low, we understand that this is upsetting and concerning to these patients and families. We will learn from this incident and are taking action consistent with our commitment to patient safety."

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