Nursing student from Minnesota maimed in vicious beating

"His jaw was hanging from his face, broken in three places."

A college student from Brainerd, Minnesota, is recovering from a brutal beating that left his jaw "hanging from his face" and "broken in three places" this weekend. 

Isaiah Smith, a 21-year-old North Dakota State University student, was reportedly at a house party in Fargo on Friday night when the attack happened.

His sister, Casey Droher, tells KSTP that Smith had confronted a man who is "a possible suspect in a domestic abuse case involving a woman [Smith] knows," because he "did not like men assaulting women."

That's when three other men "jumped in" and "severely beat Isaiah on his face and head," Droher tells the station.

The injuries Smith suffered are horrifying. 

"Fragments from his jaw bone were near his facial nerves, the surgeon had to pull each fragment out very carefully in order for the facial nerves to stay in tact" (sic), Droher wrote on a YouCaring fundraising page

She also said his chin was "broken, lacerated underneath," and that "Isaiah will have lost more than half his teeth after this journey to recovery."

Additionally, he has a concussion, and may also have a broken arm.

"The surgeon said this is the worst injury he's ever seen," Droher wrote.

The YouCaring profile is seeking $40,000 in donations to help Smith pay for his medical expenses. As of this writing, it has raised nearly $28,000.

Meanwhile, Smith himself has spoken out, with a Tuesday morning Facebook update:

The Forum says Smith, a 2014 graduate of Brainerd High School, is in NDSU's nursing program. 

Reports say Fargo police are investigating the incident. GoMN has reached out to the Fargo Police Department about the attack, but has yet to hear back. 

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