NW Minnesota toddler in ICU after ingesting Tide Pod


A small, brightly-colored packet of laundry detergent that was likely mistaken for a piece of candy put a 1-year-old boy from Clay County in intensive care.

Alexander Rohde's mother, Michelle Klienschmidt, told Valley News Live that her son got a hold of a Tide Pod and swallowed it over the weekend.

The pod holds a single dose of concentrated detergent that quickly dissolves in water. Several other brands have come up with similar versions of what's intended to be more convenient than lugging around a large container of detergent.

Klienschmidt first gave Alexander milk as the package directed her to do if swallowed. The frantic mother then called Poison Control and 911.

Alexander was airlifted to Sanford Hospital in Fargo where he's been sedated for the last two days.

In August, a 7-month-old Florida boy died after ingesting a similar packet of laundry detergent.

The American Association of Poison Control Centers says more than 6,700 children ages 5 or younger have been exposed to single-load laundry packets so far in 2013, exceeding the number of children exposed in all of 2012, according to Slate.

A Chicago grandmother whose 15-month-old grandson nearly died from biting into a Tide Pod started a petition asking Proctor & Gamble to change the appearance of laundry pods.

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