NYC writer disses ND, then accepts invitation to visit

Mandi Woodruff, who writes for the New York City-based website Business Insider, recently wrote a piece titled “Why I’ll Never Move to North Dakota, No Matter What the Experts Say.” Now she's accepted an invitation from the city's tourism bureau and is promising to keep an open mind.
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It's no secret Midwesterners at times have carried a bit of chip on their shoulders about being from the "flyover states," far from the coasts that are home to capitals of fashion, government, business and entertainment.

So people in Fargo noticed when East Coast writer Mandi Woodruff penned a piece called "Why I'll Never Move to North Dakota, No Matter What the Experts Say." In it, she notes that North Dakota doesn't have much for a city girl looking for a diverse population and a job outside the mining and shale industries.

Now Fargo's tourism bureau is paying for Woodruff to come for a visit to at least give the place a try, the Fargo Forum reports. An October trip is planned, although most readers in the Forum's online poll don't think that's a good idea.

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