NYT's David Carr died of lung cancer, autopsy says

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New York Times media columnist and Minneapolis native David Carr had metastatic lung cancer and died of complications from the disease, according to autopsy results released Saturday.

He also had heart disease, which was a contributing factor in his death, the New York Times reports.

Carr, 58, collapsed at the newspaper's headquarters and died on Thursday. A spokeswoman for the Times declined to comment on whether officials at the newspaper were aware of Carr's illness, according to the Associated Press.

He had also battled Hodgkin's lymphoma, another form of cancer, in earlier years.

Carr had written about the media industry for 25 years and his Media Equation column appeared weekly on the Times’ business page.

He launched his journalism career in Minnesota, where he edited a weekly alternative newspaper, Twin Cities Reader, from 1993 to 1995.

In his 2008 memoir “The Night of the Gun,” Carr used a journalistic approach to tell the story of his own addiction to cocaine and his recovery.

Much of what he describes in the book occurred in Minnesota.

When it was published, the Star Tribune wrote that during the 1980s and ’90s Carr “…gave many Minnesotans a ride that most will never forget – leaving behind stories, smiles and bruises as they watched his roller-coaster life as a writer, drug abuser, confidant to the powerful and in-your-face media personality.”

Before “The Night of the Gun” was published, Carr also wrote about his addiction in an essay in the New York Times Magazine.

Demand for Carr's memoir has increased in the few days since his death, according to the Times. "The Night of the Gun" had risen to No. 9 on Amazon’s best-seller list by Saturday afternoon. The New York Post reported that Simon & Schuster, which published the memoir, was printing 10,000 new copies of the book to meet demand.

Staffers in the Times' newsroom held a memorial for Carr Friday afternoon in the newspaper's offices.

A wake is planned for Monday evening and his funeral will be held Tuesday morning, according to the Times.

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