O.J. Simpson's ex-girlfriend a no-show for jail sentence


A warrant is expected to be issued for Christie Prody, famous for being O.J. Simpson’s ex-girlfriend, after she did not report to jail as ordered by a Clay County judge.

Forum Communications reports that on Friday, Prody , 38, was ordered to begin serving a 34 days. She was convicted on felony burglary and drug possession charges. When she was sentenced, Judge Steven Cahill denied her request to have until the weekend was over before turning herself in to serve her time. The judge ordered Prody to report to the Clay County Jail by 7 p.m. last Friday.

Clay County jail officials confirmed Monday morning that Prody was not in their custody. Her mother, with whom both Prody and her two-year-old live, said that Prody had left her child in her care.

In May, Prody pleaded guilty to the charges after being accused of breaking into a Moorhead couple’s home to steal drugs. Court documents say Prody worked for the couple for as an in-home care assistant.

In November 2012, Prody was charged with felony robbery after police said she tried to steal a woman’s purse.

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