Oakdale man dubbed King of Hobos

The riding-the-rails lifestyle of Jim Morphew, 83, recently crowned at the Hobo Convention in Britt, Iowa, began when he left the family farm in Oakdale in 1945, at age 16, the Pioneer Press reports. "A hobo travels and works. A tramp travels but does not work. A bum does neither," Morphew said. "A bum sits and begs." He's now settled back in Oakdale.
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Jim Morphew, 83, left his family farm in Oakdale at age 16 in 1945 and jumped the rails, the Pioneer Press reports. His life as a hobo stretched on decades and spanned 28 states and Canada. Now he has been crowned King of the Hobos at a convention in Britt, Iowa.

It was at times a dangerous life, but in their heyday, hobos were men of honor – and cool, the newspaper says.

Hobo News has images from this year's convention.

A Minnesotan was named queen of the hobos last year, the Mason City Globe Gazette reported.

Kings and queens of the hobos have been named dating back to the 1930s. Click on the National Hobo Convention page to learn a little more about Hobo royalty.

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Oakdale bank evacuated after bomb threat; man arrested

A man who arrived at an Oakdale bank Wednesday on a white motorcycle approached a drive-through window, delivered a bomb threat to a teller and demanded to speak to "federal agents," the Pioneer Press reports. He was arrested and the bank was evacuated. A bomb squad officer brought out an object he delicately placed in a bomb disposal container.

Some homes in Oakdale are sinking, and that's an expensive problem

Several homes in a townhouse association in Oakdale are sinking, which is causing cabinets and baseboards to separate from the walls and floors. One homeowner tells KSTP that engineers told him fixing the problem would cost upwards of $70,000, and an attorney with the housing association says insurance will not cover it.

Carmike Cinemas target of nationwide bomb threats, including Oakdale

Oakdale police and firefighters have cleared the Carmike Cinemas Oakdale 20 after the Carmike corporate office received a general threat. An Oakdale Community Affairs Officer tells the Woodbury Patch, "There was no specific location or time frame given. The police department did not receive credible information that the threat was specific to Oakdale."

6-year-old found parents, nanny dead in triple slaying in Oakdale

Police believe the deaths of an Oakdale couple and their nanny were a murder-suicide. The three were found dead by the couple's six-year-old daughter when she returned home from school. A three-year-old boy was in the home at the time and reportedly told neighbors that his father killed his mother.

Oakdale daycare provider accused of locking kids in outdoor shed in winter

An Oakdale daycare provider is facing child endangerment and child neglect charges, stemming from an alleged incident after social workers showed up unannounced at her in-home daycare in February. According to a criminal complaint, Jennifer Lynn Goldetsky, 43 rushed three children out the back door of her daycare and locked them in a shed -- without shoes or jackets -- because she had too many children in her care.

Police refuse to release name of man arrested in stabbing in Oakdale

The Pioneer Press says police arrested a 44-year-old man in Minneapolis in connection with the stabbing of a woman in Oakdale, but have so far refused to release the man's name. That violates the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, which requires authorities to identify anyone arrested. Police say they will release the person's identity when charges are filed.