Charges: Man shot high-powered rifle at a helicopter, injuring a deputy

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A 71-year-old Minnesota man is charged with attempted murder after he allegedly shot a high-powered rifle at a helicopter, injuring a sheriff's deputy.

Carstie Lee Clausen of rural Clearbrook was charged Tuesday with attempted second-degree murder, first-degree assault – use of force on a peace officer, and a dangerous weapon charge.

The incident happened Monday morning when a deputy with the Polk County Sheriff's Office was in the helicopter observing as Border Patrol officials did a fly over of an area where they suspected people were growing marijuana, according to the Clearwater County Sheriff's Office and charges.

When the helicopter was passing over Clausen's property, the deputy was hit by shattered glass and fragments from two bullets – shrapnel was embedded in his arm, rib cage and eyes, the complaint says.

The helicopter made an emergency landing at an airport in Fosston, and the deputy was taken to the hospital, the sheriff's office says. He has since been released.

After the shooting, Clearwater County officials went to Clausen's home, where he was arrested without incident.

Clausen told officials he felt the flyovers were "harassment."

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