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Officials to attend St. Paul conference on adapting to climate change


Planners, engineers and natural resource officials will be among the 200 people expected to attend a conference in St. Paul Thursday on adapting to climate change, Minnesota Public Radio reports.

The "Preparing Minnesota for Climate Change: A Conference on Climate Adaptation" event at the Science Museum of Minnesota will highlight "early successes in developing adaptation strategies in areas such as transportation infrastructure, natural resources, human health and agriculture," the University of Minnesota says.

A climatologist and meteorologist at the U of M tells MPR that forecasting models are showing that Minnesota's climate will continue to change.

Mark Seely says the university is "increasingly measuring changes that are outside the range of what we have historically measured."

The Environmental Protection Agency says with climate change, the Midwest region of the U.S. will likely experience hotter summers with longer dry periods, and milder, wetter winters -- likely placing additional stress on the infrastructure and the economy.

"In the Midwest, average annual temperatures increased over the last several decades. Heat waves are becoming more frequent and cold periods are becoming rarer," the EPA says. "Snow and ice are arriving later in the fall and starting to melt earlier in the spring."

Meanwhile, an entire week of events is underway at the University of Michigan in an effort to connect climate change researchers with practitioners working in the ecological, agricultural and urban sectors, The Associated Press reports.

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