Oh come on! Southern half of Minnesota could see snow on Sunday

The weather service isn't saying the Twin Cities will definitely get snow, they're saying there's a chance.

Sunday will be the last day of April, so obviously the weather forecast is predicting snow for Minnesota.

The National Weather Service says that parts of central and west-central Minnesota could get 2-4 inches of the white stuff Sunday night, some of it accumulating, and there's a chance the Twin Cities could get some too.

Right now, the likely scenario is that the metro area gets rain instead, or a very light coating of snow.

But the NWS says that the most extreme scenario would see two inches fall in the Twin Cities, and as much as six-to-eight inches to fall in the St. Cloud, Alexandria and Little Falls areas.

Bringing the snow and rain is a storm system that is expected to move northeast through the region Sunday through Monday, with rain starting to spread in southern Minnesota late in the day Saturday.

Even if it doesn't bring snow, it is likely to bring a lot of rain, with the NWS saying confidence is "high" that between 1.25-1.75 inches will fall, with southern Minnesota and the Twin Cities likely to get hit with the most.

Go Radio meteorologist Mace Michaels told GoMN: "Late season storms are always hard to nail down for snowfall location and totals. Small variations in the amount of cold air and storm path have a huge affect on accumulations.

"This system will have lots of moisture, so over an 1" of water will fall in some areas - how much of it is rain, snow, or a mix is still in question and would affect accumulations significantly. Right now, the models favor central to southwest Minnesota."

Don't worry, after Monday we can expect a warmup, so some proper spring temperatures should finally be on the way back.

Here are some maps from the NWS that show the potential for snow and rain in Minnesota Sunday into Monday.

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