Oil Patch Menards to pay for workers' jet commute

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It's come to this. There is so much demand for labor in oil-rich northwest North Dakota that a Menards store is preparing to fly in workers from Wisconsin for weeklong stints, the Minot Daily News reports.

Customer service was suffering at the Minot store because there weren't enough employees, store officials say. So they hatched a plan to jet in about 50 workers based in the Eau Claire, Wis., area, the newspaper reports. The workers would be split into two groups and a company jet will shuttle the two groups back and forth. They'll be paid for travel time and given free lodging and meal stipends, the Daily News says.

Wisconsin isn't all that far to go to get workers, relatively speaking. The town of Williston is recruiting workers from Thailand, Jamaica and other foreign countries, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The oil boom in North Dakota has sunk its unemployment rate to the lowest in the nation.

Three of the nation's 10 cities with the lowest unemployment rates are in North Dakota.

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