OK, this is a pretty good mannequin challenge video (and they even got a K9 to sit still)

The mannequin challenge might not be as hot as a few weeks ago – but this is a pretty good one.
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Are we over the mannequin challenge? And even if the answer is yes, can we sneak in a late recommendation for "Best mannequin challenge by Minnesota law enforcement?"

The Wyoming Police Department and Chisago County Sheriff's Office teamed up to release this mannequin challenge video Wednesday.

It's not super long, but there's a lot going on – they shot it in the cold, it includes some fairly complicated staging, and they even got a K9 to sit still, which is pretty impressive. Here it is:

What makes it even better? The Chisago County Sheriff's Office says the scenes are all based on actual things that happened.

"No, we aren't running over a person- that is meant to be a deer...we hit a lot of them. Yes, we went to a fight involving the use of a fire extinguisher. Yes, we love donuts with our coffee. Yes, we like taking drunk drivers off the road! No, we don't particularly like One Direction, but it made for a good tweet," they wrote. (That last one is a reference to this awesome tweet from November.)

Someone also asked Wyoming PD on Twitter about using taxpayer money to film a mannequin challenge video:

The two agencies meanwhile challenged the Shakopee and Forest Lake PDs to make another.

"We had a TON of fun filming our #MannequinChallenge video with Chisago County Sheriff's Office!" Wyoming PD said on Facebook. "Share with your friends and bring some Christmas Joy! #HaveFun."

The Minneapolis Police Department also had a pretty good mannequin challenge, which they posted in November:

MPD Mannequin Challenge

We took on the #MannequinChallenge with help from our friends at Franklin Middle School. Let's just say that here in Minnesota, we are used to being frozen! How do you think we did?


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Posted by Minneapolis Police Department on Monday, November 21, 2016

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