Old Milwaukee 'Pass Me a Beer' spots feature brew tosses you won't believe

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What do a bunch of helium balloons, a fork lift, golf club and rocket-propelled roller skate have in common?

All can be used to pass someone a beer.

As part of a creative marketing campaign, two Old Milwaukee fans have released a sequel to their popular "Pass Me a Beer" video, dubbed appropriately enough "Pass Me a Beer II" (above), which now has more than 1 million views on YouTube. It was originally posted on the comedy website "Funny or Die."

The 2.5-minute video features some amusing trick beer-passes, filmed at a number of Wisconsin locations, including Lambeau Field.

Check out the original "Pass Me a Beer" here.

Business Insider had more about the story of how the first spot was developed. The stars and creators are brothers Nick and Jack Packard, a marketing consultant and a content supervisor for Funny or Die, respectively. They went through 192 beers putting the first spot together – sadly, many cans were destroyed in the filming – and then they took it to Old Milwaukee. The company wanted to launch a more traditional advertising campaign, but the Packard brothers eventually convinced the company to let them feature it on the comedy website, Business Insider says.

HuffingtonPost says the Packards "remind you of why you started drinking beer in the first place: because it's fun, pointless and makes your boring old life seem magical."

The inevitable outtakes are even funnier than the ad itself:

Old Milwaukee has brewed up a reputation for humorous, web-based ads, including several spots volunteered by feature Will Ferrell.

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