On the mend; Gov. Dayton returns to St. Paul after hip surgery


Gov. Mark Dayton returned to St. Paul on Friday after having hip surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, earlier this week.

Doctors at Mayo performed a procedure to reattach a tendon in Dayton's hip, which he injured during a fall at the governor's residence last year.

The Star Tribune reports Dayton said his surgery was successful.

"I am on my way to recovery," Dayton told the newspaper on Friday. Dayton spent four days at the Mayo Clinic recovering after the surgery.

Dayton said he was having a problem with stability in the hip and that the pain wasn't really an issue.

Dayton reportedly fell last month during a meeting of the Capitol Preservation Commission. A spokesman said the governor caught his foot on a chair leg, which caused the tumble.

Dayton has said repeatedly the injury and recovery would not stop him from doing his job as governor or in his campaign for re-election. Though, it may slow him down. The governor will be in a brace, which will limit his travel for up to three months.

Dayton pushed back his surgery to this week so he could attend the funeral of Joan Mondale.

According to the Associated Press, the governor was back at work on Friday afternoon meeting with senior members of his staff.

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