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On this day in 1842 ...


Charles A. Pillsbury is born in Warner, New Hampshire.

Pillsbury would move to Minneapolis in 1869 and found C.A. Pillsbury and Co., a grain processing company, with his uncle John Pillsbury.

Charles would introduce roller mills that could crush wheat into high-grade bread flour. His company would be the first in the United States to use steel rollers, and while C.A. Pillsbury and Co. has exchanged hands and names several times since it was solid in 1889 to a British company, the giant now simply known as Pillsbury remains based in Minneapolis.

The Pillsbury A, a mill he commissioned in 1882 that was the largest in the world at the time, still stands at the Mississippi Riverfront at St. Anthony Falls in Minneapolis.

Charles was also a state senator from 1877 until two years before his death in 1899, and served as the chairman of the Finance Committee of the Senate.

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