On this day in 1919...


The National Prohibition Act, known as the Volstead Act for Minnesota Congressman Andrew Volstead who introduced the bill, is passed in Congress, setting in motion the necessary events to enforce nationwide prohibition.

Prohibition officially went into effect Jan. 17, 1920, while the Volstead Act set forth methods of enforcing the 18th Amendment and defined "intoxicating liquors." The 21st Amendment would overturn prohibition on Dec. 5, 1933.

Volstead, born in Kenyon, Minn., served in the House of Representatives from 1903-1923, was a part of 10 congresses, and in addition to leading the way in the passing of the 18th Amendment, was also essential in passing the Capper-Volstead Act, enabling farmers to farm locally owned cooperatives.

He passed away in Granite Falls, Minn. 27 years to the day of prohibition going into effect.

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