On this day in 1942...


The Elizabeth Kenny Institute for the treatment of infantile paralysis is dedicated in Minneapolis.

Kenny was an Australian nurse that specialized in the treatment of polio, using hot packs and exercise rather than immobilization, which revolutionized the way some thought about treatment of the deadly disease.

She came to the United States in 1940 after working extensively during World War I, on the treatment of polio, and as a practicing nurse, and was greeted in Minneapolis by support.

Her stay in the state was funded by the National Foundation for Infant Peralysis, and two years after arriving the Institute was named for her.

For her work she was named "Most Admired Woman" in a Gallup Poll in 1951, a list dominated by Eleanor Roosevelt in its first 10 years of existence.

The Institute is credited for making great strides in the work towards a cure for polio, which would come in 1955.

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