On this day in 1970...


Ronald Reed is arrested by police for his part in an Omaha bank robbery.

Once in police custody, authorities would find detailed notes on Reed's plans to kidnap Minnesota Gov. Harold Levander, as well as St. Paul councilwoman Rosalie Butler. Reed would be held at Ramsey County jail on $150,000 bond, the highest in state history.

The scheme to kidnap the two officials was reportedly part of a plan to free African-American political prisoners. Police would connect Reed to the Black Panther Party, though their national minister of culture, Emory Douglass, would deny he was a member. He would later be connected to the Black United Front, an African-American activist group.

Reed would be extradited to Nebraska and sentenced to 10 to 25 years in prison. He escaped in 1976 before being caught in Los Angeles in 1977, and would serve a total of 13 years.

Reed's story doesn't stop there.

Just four months prior to the Omaha bank robbery, there was a shooting on Hague Avenue in St. Paul. Officer James Sackett, who was responding to a fake 911 call at the 800 block of Hague, was shot and killed by a sniper while investigating the call.

The killer would not be found, until new details emerged at a Grand Jury hearing on the Sackett killing in 2005. Connie Trimble-Smith, who was arrested and charged with making the false 911 call in 1970 that led to Sackett's murder, said that Reed was the one that encouraged her to make the call.

Reed would be indicted, as would his alleged accomplice Larry Clark. Both would be found guilty of the killing after many testimonials claiming the two conspired to and carried out the murder. They are currently serving life in prison.

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On this day in 1970 ...

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