On this day in 1975...


A blizzard hits the state, dropping as much as two feet of snow in some spots and killing 35 in Minnesota alone.

The storm, dubbed "most severe of the 20th century" and "Minnesota's storm of the century" by newspaper accounts, would set a statewide low barometric pressure record in Duluth of 28.55, a mark that would stand until 2010.

A first-person account of the blizzard would say that drifts reached 12 feet in some spots, and a train in Willmar would get stuck thanks to the intense drifts and conditions.

In all, $1.4 million in damages were caused by the storm, while some roads remained closed for upwards of 11 days. After the three-day blizzard was complete, a total of 100,000 livestock are dead, 15,000 of which resided in Minnesota.

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