On this day in 1989...


David Brom, at the time a 16-year-old high schooler in Rochester, Minn., is sentenced to 52 years in prison for murdering his mother, father, brother, and sister with an ax more than a year earlier.

Brom had a fight with his father on the night of Feb. 17, 1988, and the next morning skipped school. Police discovered the Broms at their home in the early evening of Feb. 18, and David was seized by police the next day. His mugshot, which shows him smiling, became widely recognized in the high-profile case.

Testimony claims Brom repeatedly beat his father with the axe, before striking his mother, then moving on to his brother Richard's room, subsequently returning to his parents' room which his sister had entered. He then attacked his mother once again, as well as his sister.

Over 1,000 people attended the funeral of the four family members, including David's other brother Joe, who did not live with the family and requested to be David's guardian.

Brom's sentence carries three consecutive and one concurrent life sentence, but he has the possibility of being released in 2041, around the time of his 70th birthday.

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