On this day in 1989...


St. Joseph 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling is kidnapped by a masked gunman while riding his bike home from a convenience store with his brother and a friend.

A national search commenced for Wetterling, with posters going up nationwide asking for help in finding the child, with few leads or results.

The investigation into his disappearance continued for months, years, and into the 21st century, but to this day, Wetterling remains missing.

Four months after his abduction, Jacob's parents, Jerry and Patty Wetterling, would establish the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center, dedicated to focusing national attention on missing children while also keeping a log of current missing persons reported.

In 1994, the Jacob Wetterling Act would be passed, a nationwide law that requires states to implement a sex offender and crimes against children registry.

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