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On this day in 1996...


Meridel Le Seuer passes away in Hudson, Wisconsin.

Le Seuer spent much of her life in Minnesota, as she moved with her family when she was 12 after being born in Murray, Iowa. Le Seuer, raised by a family of political activists, was blacklisted in the 1950s as she was labeled a communist.

Her work would be rediscovered in the 1970s and she would be hailed as one of the key writers of proto-feminism and an activist for women's rights.

She wrote children's books, including The Story of Johnny Appleseed, as well as North StarCountry, a people's history of Minnesota.

She would also become well-known for her piece "Women on the Breadlines", a story of being a woman during The Great Depression.

She is commemorated in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis with the Meridal Le Seuer building.

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