On this day in 2007...


Minnesotans Walter Halloran and Merrill Burgstahler are given France's Legion of Honor Award.

France's Honorary Consul Alain Frecon presented the award to the two men in the Capitol Rotunda for their service in World War II, of which Frecon said "I am a living testimony of your sacrifice and gift to France, I do owe you and your fallen comrades my freedom," according to MPR.

Burgstahler served in the 777th Anti-Aircraft Battalion, responsible for shooting down German planes during the Battle of the Bulge.

Halloran, who began serving in the Army when he was 19, was a member of the 165th Signal Photo Company who filmed the invasion of Normandy.

The award is France's most prestigious award, and was most recently awarded to Minnesota native Bob Dylan in November.

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