On this day in 2008 ...


Police find the body of 4-year-old Demond Reed at a north Minneapolis home.

Reed was dead when discovered, and Carla Poole, an adult cousin of Reed who was watching the child while his father was in the workhouse, was taken into custody after one of her biological children told police the events leading up to Reed's body being found.

Those events are gruesome and came to light just a few days later.

Poole told two of her children to hold Reed down while she struck the 4-year-old, and other details of the beating say the child's body had bite marks, puncture wounds, broken ribs, and signs of an object being forced into Reed's mouth.

After the child vomited and had a seizure, he died, and Poole wrapped his body in a plastic bag and stuffed him in a closet after two days of letting the body lay lifeless on a bed.

Five months later, Poole would be convicted of the crime and sentenced to 40 years in prison, and offered no reason for the beating that left Reed dead.

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