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On this day in 2009 ...


R.T. Rybak is declared the unofficial winner of the Minneapolis mayoral election, setting him up to serve his third and final term.

Rybak defeated incumbent Sharon Sayles Belton in 2001, becoming the 46th mayor in the city's history, and subsequently dispatched of challenger Peter McLaughlin in 2005, and a field of 10 candidates on this day four years ago.

As mayor, Rybak created the City of Lakes Loppet, while also playing a part in leading the new Interstate 35W bridge construction after its collapse in 2007.

Rybak announced his intentions to run for governor in 2010, and won a straw poll on Feb. 2 of the same year. He would later withdraw his name, endorsing Margaret Anderson Kelliher.

The incumbent did not run for re-election this year, and his third term will end on Dec. 31, when he will give way to Betsy Hodges, who won the Minneapolis mayors race just over a week ago.

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