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On this day in 2012...


Kao Xiong, a Minneapolis father in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, is charged with two felonies after his four-year-old son shot and killed his other son.

Neejnco Xiong, 2, was accidentally killed by his four-year-old brother by a gun that was wedged between pillows and a mattress in the master bedroom.

When police searched the Xiong's house, they found a total of eight guns, four of them rifles, in various accessible locations throughout the estate.

Xiong was charged with two felonies and two misdemeanor counts, and six months later when sentencing guidelines called for Xiong to receive four years in prison for the crimes, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman and the presiding judge agreed that Xiong had taken responsibility for the child's death.

Rather than the four years in jail, Xiong received 10 years probation in June and agreed to 100 hours community service in which he would speak to the Hmong community about handgun safety.

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