One Minnesotan in Congress explains why he likes the House health care bill

Here's how Rep. Erik Paulsen explains his vote for the bill.

Things move quickly in Washington D.C. these days. So while James Comey's firing seems like it's all anybody's talking about right now, it was only a week ago when we were saying the same thing about the re-tooled health insurance bill House Republicans passed.

All three of Minnesota's Republicans in Congress voted for the bill. There's been some pushback from people unhappy about that vote, especially for Rep. Erik Paulsen.

There were protests outside his office, constituents left Facebook comments saying things like "I look forward to voting for your opponent," and one political handicapping site reclassified Paulsen's district (which includes western and southern suburbs of the Twin Cities) – moving it from "likely Republican" to "leans Republican" because of his health care vote.

So we thought it was worth revisiting Paulsen's vote by reading his explanation in his own words.

Here is the opinion piece Paulsen submitted to the Star Tribune, which was published on their editorial page this week. He says the American Health Care Act will help rein in rising health insurance costs and moves control from Washington to the states and citizens.

Paulsen's column was published a day after  a Star Tribune editorial  called the bill a step backwards.

One point of contention between the two has to do with whether insurance companies will be able to deny coverage to Americans with pre-existing health conditions.

Paulsen says nothing in the bill allows that. The newspaper's editorial board calls such assurances "disingenuous at best."

Click here to read the American Health Care Act for yourself.

President Trump is a supporter of the bill, but to reach his desk it will need to be approved by the Senate.

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