One old house moves, another can't be, so will be razed


A century-old home in Minneapolis is being moved, while one of the same vintage in Duluth will be razed after no takers could figure out how to transport it to another lot.

KARE reported that the process to move the Minneapolis house two blocks south began late Monday night. The old house, which currently sits in the 2500 block of Stevens Avenue on the Minneapolis College of Art and Design campus, will be rehabbed and then put up for sale, part of an initiative to improve housing in the Whittier neighborhood.

Meanwhile, the Duluth News Tribune reported that there were no takers for a recently remodeled house that was offered for free to anyone who would move it at their own expense.

About 50 people expressed interest in the residence, but moving the solid brick 2½-story house proved too tricky and expensive. Brick houses are difficult to move because of their weight. The moving costs exceeded the value of the home, which was assessed at $139,50.

The 1912 house was the leasing office for Duluth's BlueStone Lofts, a new 100-unit housing complex. Six other houses adjacent to the complex are occupied, but will need to go in a year or two to make way for more development. Those houses would also be free to anyone who can figure out how to move them.

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