The Onion is ripping on Minnesota again

And this isn't the first time Minnesota has been the butt of one of their jokes

The Onion is making fun of us, you guys.

A recent Instagram post from them shows a photo of the "Minnesota Welcomes You" border sign, and the caption reads "Did You Know?"

When you press play, it reveals this (obviously fake) tidbit: "Minnesota is located 1,000 miles too close to any other state."

Here it is on Twitter, too:

Yes, we know: it's normal for The Onion to poke fun. That's their whole shtick. But still – them's fightin' words.

Not to mention, this isn't the first time Minnesota has been the butt of one of their jokes. In the past, The Onion has mocked us for being too polite and over-apologizing, ridiculed the people who move to Minneapolis, and regularly made fun of Minnesota's sports teams and athletes.

And you don't even want to know what they have to say about us in their parody world atlas – it's kinda NSFW and not very politically correct, either.

Something seems fishy

So what the heck do the people at The Onion have against the North Star State? Well, it turns out the founders are alumni from the University of Wisconsin Madison. Aha!!!

Well, that makes sense. They're just jealous we're the home of the Best Midwestern Small Town, have really nice teeth and some of the best restaurants, drive better than the rest of the country, and don't do weird, Wisconsin things like eat raw meat sandwiches.

Or maybe they are just acting like a teenage boy who has a crush on us.

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