Online sales this holiday season were dominated by Amazon

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A lot of people bought things online during the holiday season – and a lot of them bought it from Amazon, leaving companies like Best Buy and Target to compete for the rest.

The Wall Street Journal, citing research from Slice Intelligence, says online sales in November and December were dominated by – which got 42.7 percent of all online sales during that time.

The next 10 biggest retailers combined – which includes Best Buy and Target – had 24.8 percent of online sales, the figures show.

Those two Minnesota-based companies haven't released detailed earnings reports covering the holiday season yet. Broadly though, USA Today cited National Retail Federation figures estimating $630.5 billion in holiday sales this go-round.

(By the way, if you want to return any gifts – you still might have some time to do so.)

Mobile buying went up in 2015

A related trend that isn't just tied to the holidays.

The National Retail Federation cites research that shows online sales from a mobile device are now led by smartphones for the first time.

Smartphone sales accounted for 17 percent of online sales last year – while tablets, which had been number one, accounted for 14 percent.

That actually may have affected overall e-commerce sales in November and December, the Wall Street Journal says. It came in at a preliminary $69 billion, an increase of about 13 percent – shy of the 14 percent estimated.

"The shortfall came as more shoppers switched to mobile commerce, where the dollar value of purchases tend to be lower," the paper writes.

2 fun facts

Here's a pretty much unrelated fun fact: Slice Intelligence says online wine sales were up 5 percent this past holiday season.

Also, people spent a ton of money at Apple's App Store.

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