Only 1 Minnesota college on snowiest campuses list

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It's been a long winter already in Minnesota.

Snow. Cold. Snow. Repeat.

So you might think that any list of the snowiest colleges in the nation would include at least a few in our state. But a recent ranking has only one: the University of Minnesota Duluth. (By contrast, Minnesota colleges dominated a recent coldest colleges list.)

The AccuWeather list puts UMD at No. 5, noting that the campus averages about 86 inches of snow a year. The university website seems to make reference to the hardy souls who attend school there: "Those who can, Duluth." And: "Surrounded by nature, yet defined by spirit."

The full list:

1. Michigan Technological University
2. Syracuse University
3. University of Rochester
4. University at Buffalo
5. University of Minnesota Duluth
6. University of Vermont
7. Southern New Hampshire University
8. Western Michigan University
9. Cornell University
10. University of Alaska Fairbanks

That would seem to mesh with a DailyBeast top 20 snowiest cities in the nation list, with only one Minnesota city, Duluth, in the top 10. The top three are in New York state. (Who knew – Flagstaff, Ariz. is No. 5.)

By comparison, the Twin Cities get about 54 inches a year (1981-2010 averages), according to the State Climatology Office at the University of Minnesota.

These lists vary, of course. Here are the snowiest cities in the U.S. (with annual snowfall), according to a more recent analysis from The Weather Channel last month:

1. Valdez, Alaska, 326 inches
2. Crested Butte, Colo., 215 inches
3. Hancock, Mich., 212 inches
4. Truckee, Calif., 202 inches
5. Lead, S.D., 200 inches
6. Boonville, N.Y., 193 inches

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