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Only 3 percent of Midwesterners don't know how to ride a bike


Well done, Midwest, you are far better at riding a bike than the rest of the country.

Statistical analysis website FiveThirtyEight has highlighted some YouGov data that asked Americans how regularly they used a bike.

One of the possible answers was "I don't know how to ride a bike" – but only 3 percent of Midwesterners answered this way.

Compare this to the Northeast, where a surprising 12 percent said they didn't know how to ride a bike, and it's clear that people round these parts have the mettle to pedal. The average across the country is 5.8 percent.

Biking growing in Minnesota

Biking has long been a popular pursuit in Minnesota with hundreds of trails available across the state. Even the frigid winter weather hasn't been getting in the way for two-wheeled action, as evidenced by the growth of fat-biking, particularly in the state's outdoor havens in the northeast.

Meanwhile Minneapolis' ranking by Bicycling Magazine as the #1 Bike City in the U.S. was followed by the roll-out of the NiceRide bike sharing system that has proved a big success.

There are ambitions to grow the pursuit even more in the Twin Cities, with St. Paul having revealed plans to increase its bike route network in recent months.

Hennepin County this week updated its bicycle strategy through 2040. It reveals that over the next 25 years the county wants to quadruple its number of bikers from 12,000 to 48,000, as well as build an average of 20 miles of bikeway system per year.

It also wants 90 percent of homes in the county, – Minnesota's most populous – to be within a half mile of a bikeway.

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