Spoiler! Moccasins, 'Vera Bradley' among most-searched gifts in Mpls


Guessing gifts when you have them wrapped and in your hand can be fun.

But what about predicting what the present is before it gets anywhere near your tree?

The Upshot – the data-happy section of the New York Times – asked Google for search data in 24 major metro areas, trying to get an idea of what gifts people in each area of the country are most interested in. (Note: These are searches that are significantly more common than last year, not a look at the most-searched terms.)

In Minneapolis, the list went:

  • "Vera Bradley
  • "Minnetonka moccasins"
  • "Elsa doll"

You can probably guess why some of these are so popular.

Minnetonka moccasins are, of course, a home state staple.

Elsa is one of the main characters from "Frozen," which has experienced unparalleled popularity this year – it was so in-demand, it was one of the reasons Target did so well this fall. It was expected to continue that dominance into the holiday season.

As for Vera Bradley – known for its patterned bags and purses – it's not instantly clear why Minneapolis seems so interested. But The Upshot said the $80 floral totes were frequent targets.

Our closest neighbor on the list was Chicago. Their trending gift searchs? “Michael Kors,” “Cards Against Humanity” and “Lego.”

Click here for the full list, plus analysis.

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