Opponents of child care union bill prepare lawsuit


One of the groups against a controversial bill, which allows in-home daycare providers and personal care workers the right to unionize, plans to file a lawsuit later this week, Minnesota Public Radio reports.

"It simply is not allowed and it will be struck down by the courts because federal law pre-empts state law," Minnesota Majority president Dan McGrath told MPR. "I find the whole thing so despicable that it's compelled our organization to get involved. It's not usually in our wheelhouse, but we had to do something."

Gov. Mark Dayton signed the measure into law on Friday. DFL supporters argue the legislation does not force anyone to join a union.

Republicans insist the measure amounts to a power grab by unions and it funnels money away from care and toward unions.Gov.

Dayton had tried to offer the workers the right to form a union through an executive order, but a court struck it down in 2011.

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