Ordering fancy drinks, talking politics can help land a second date, survey says


It's nine days 'til Valentine's Day, so Match.com is giving singles a helping hand with dating tips.

The online dating service released the results of its sixth "Singles in America" survey. More than 5,000 single people aged 18-70 were interviewed to find out what makes them tick.

Rather than looking at how to get that first date, this year's study focuses on how to guarantee that second date – and it's thrown up some interesting insights on how to turn that first date into a proper relationship.

Here are some of the highlights of the survey:

  • The way to a man's heart is through the stomach, but did the creator of this proverb have sushi in mind? According to the survey, taking a first date out for sushi increased the chances of a 2nd date by 170 percent.
  • Don't skip drinks either – and make them fancy. Going for cocktails increases your chances of date No. 2 by 137 percent.
  • Chances of a second date decline if the first date goes on longer than 2.5 hours.
  • If you say goodbye at the doorstep – 50 percent of singles expect there will be a kiss.
  • It's ridiculous, but using the phrase "Netflix and Chill" can apparently increase your chances of a second date by 99 percent.
  • Similarly good phrases to use include ... sigh ... "bae," while using "LOL" and "Haha" during text exchanges increases your chance of sex.
  • The phrase not to use when dating – "on fleek," apparently.
  • If you're dating a Hillary Clinton supporter – wine is the drink of choice. If you're intrigued by a Trump fan, then opt for beer.
  • Men are willing to wait 11.25 days to hear from someone before calling it quits. Women only wait seven days.

Conversation dos and don'ts

Politics is omniscient this year with the presidential election, and there appears to be more polarizing opinions than ever in the political debate – so you should avoid talking about it altogether, right?


The survey found that talking about politics on the first date increased the chances of a second date by 91 percent. In fact, 80 percent of singles said they were up for talking about politics, money or religion on a first date.

If you plan on talking politics, you might want to know your audience. Of the 5,000-plus singles interviewed by Match.com, 40 percent of them identified as Democrats, 19 percent Republican, 15 percent independents, 2 percent Libertarians, and the remaining 24 percent as not affiliated.

If you're a man, knowing about the economy is an attractive quality among 41 percent of single women.

So what conversations to avoid? Perhaps unsurprisingly, sports is a no-no, with Match finding fewer than 25 percent of singles are interested in sports.

The only subject worse than this, it would seem, is exes, with only 14 percent saying they'd be willing to talk about an ex on the first date.

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