Ouchie – new study shows how Minnesotans get hurt

Ouch! This is how Americans are getting hurt.

Yikes – Minnesotans get a lot of open wounds and dislocated spines.

That's according to the folks at Amino, who studied medical codes to determine trends in physical injuries by state.

Amino explains that every time you go to the doctor, your diagnosis is recorded as a medical code – a five digit number used by medical professionals to translate all of the information about a patient's diagnosis. There's a five digit number for any injury or affliction you can imagine, Amino says.

Focusing just on physical injuries, their team of researchers analyzed medical codes to determine the most common injury in each state, as well as the most distinctive injury in each state.

Here's what they found:

Open wounds are common

Although there are a ton of different categories, Amino's study shows most of America is getting hurt by the same physical injuries.

"Bruising" or "open wound" are the most frequent injury diagnoses in almost every state, including Minnesota.

An open wound refers to any injury where the skin is broken. Amino says most of them were minor cuts.

Colorado is the only state where bruising and open wounds weren't the most common injury – “fall” tops the list there.

Minnesota's most distinctive injury

To figure out which injuries were disproportionately more or less common in each state, Amino compared each injury’s frequency per state with the national frequency.

The results aren't pretty. Minnesota's most disproportionately common physical injury is spine dislocation.

The study doesn't say anything about how the injuries were caused, or why an injury might be disproportionately common somewhere. However, some of them make sense – like states with warmer climates that have a lot of insect bites.

It would be interesting to know why there's a link between spine dislocations and Minnesota, especially considering it's also a distinctive injury for our neighbors in Wisconsin and South Dakota.

You can read more about the study's methodology here.

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