Outlook not good: Severe flooding expected in Fargo, Moorhead


A new flood outlook released Thursday indicates spring flooding in the Fargo-Moorhead area could go down in the record books.

The Associated Press reports residents along the Red River should prepare for one of the top five floods in their history.

The National Weather Service predicts severe flooding and a 50 percent chance the river will top 39 feet. The fifth-highest crest was reported 1969 at 37.34 feet.

There is also a 5 percent chance of the river rising to 41.3 feet in Fargo, the Fargo Forum says.

Sandbagging begins at 37 feet. Fargo city officials said Wednesday night they will announce plans today to build an additional 500,000 sandbags to add to its existing supply of 750,000 sandbags left over from the 2011 flood.

Recent flood protection improvements should keep the city of Fargo from being majorly impacted.

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Fargo-Moorhead marks another step on the road toward flood protection

Completion of an Army Corps of Engineers report is a milestone on the cities' journey toward completing a flood diversion project. In the new year the focus will turn to Washington, where Congress may consider funding for the project that will help protect 200,000 people from Red River flooding.

Moorhead residents dispute flood buyout offers

The In-Forum reports residents claim they're being short-changed -- currently, the city is offering to buy their flood-prone property for about 88 percent of its market value. That's a lot less compared to other buy-outs in the Red River Valley -- which have averaged around 108 percent.