Outrage after teen with disabilities attacked outside MN Target

The incident was captured in a viral video.
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Police in Crystal, Minnesota, say they are pursuing criminal charges in an attack on a teen outside a local Target this weekend. 

The incident was captured in a video that later went viral on social media, though few details about what led to the Saturday morning attack have been confirmed yet. 

However, according to a Facebook post from the police department, the victim – who has physical disabilities – and the suspects knew each other.

As the department notes, video of the attack was uploaded to Facebook, and the Star Tribune says it was viewed more than five million times before being taken down. 

According to the paper's description of the footage, three teens can be seen confronting a boy with disabilities outside the Target store – apparently to accuse him of "talking trash about someone" – and slapping and kicking him before running off laughing. 

"We are working with the victim and his family and pursuing criminal charges against the suspects," the Crystal PD said Monday in a statement.

The reactions on social media have been intense so far, with people around the country sounding off through Facebook updates and in a comment thread on the Crystal Police Department's profile:

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