Outspoken Twin Cities lawyer suspended


A controversial Twin Cities lawyer who has run for a spot on the Minneapolis Supreme Court has been told by the high court that she is being suspended due to her mental health issues, the Star Tribune reports.

The court filed an order Wednesday stating that Jill Clark cannot competently represent clients because of a mental illness she experienced in 2012, the newspaper reports. The illness is not specified. Clark did not immediately respond to the newspaper's request for comment.

Clark has been the subject of disciplinary proceedings brought by the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility, which filed a petition against her in February, claiming that she falsely accused judges of misconduct and filed paperwork that made it appear a judge signed an order that he had denied, the Star Tribune reported.

Clark has written about the proceedings on her blog.

Clark was featured in a 2008 Star Tribune story as one of two lawyers named Jill who had developed a reputation as troublemakers in area courthouses, and for being a part of headline-making cases.

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