Owners of Lighthouse at Emily's could use help turning out the lights

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It's been a tough week for the three sisters and a niece who co-owned the North Shore dining landmark Lighthouse at Emily's.

After a hoped-for partnership with the North Shore Scenic Railroad fell through, the owners said this month that the restaurant was closing.

Their announcement explained that the Lighthouse would serve its last meal on Sunday, Oct. 25 so that the building could be cleared by the 31st.

But turning out the lights Sunday night was not the only sadness the family would face. The Lake County News Chronicle reports that the next day the father of the sisters died.

The family's priorities shifted suddenly as they prepared a funeral service for Herb Pierson, which is set for Friday.

In the meantime, though, the work needed before the restaurant could be turned over to the building owner on Saturday wasn't getting done.

Unable to get an extension of the deadline, the News Chronicle says the owners have put out a call to the community for help. Supporters who are able are asked to bring paint brushes, buckets, rags, and paper towels to the former restaurant on Knife River at 11 a.m. Friday, the paper says.


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