Package thief caught on camera as White Bear Lake police warn of daytime burglaries


At least a dozen reports of burglaries in White Bear Lake, most during daytime, have local police asking neighbors to stay aware.

The White Bear Lake Police Department said at least 12 robberies over the fall and winter months have been reported, with most happening between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Electronics, money and jewelery among the items reported stolen. In most cases, the suspects enter an empty house by forcing open the front door, or entering through unlocked doors or windows.

Police don't have any suspects, but do think the crimes are connected.

One recent thief in the area didn't even go into a victim's house before taking something.

Video from a home security surveillance system shows a black SUV pull up a driveway, a man get out of the driver's side door and walk out of frame up the sidewalk, before returning to the car with packages in his hand.

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The apparent victim, John Felton, told WCCO he got an alert from his security system while at work, notifying him of movement at his house. He told KARE 11 the man took about $150 worth of power tools his wife had gotten him for Christmas.

White Bear Lake Police say it was reported to Ramsey County since it took place in White Bear Township.

Travelers Insurance notes that “porch pirates” sometimes follow delivery trucks, watching for prime targets and often strike during working hours when people aren’t home.

Police have a few suggestions that include requiring a signature for deliveries; having packages delivered to a friend or relative who is home during the day, a shipping center or your workplace; and asking neighbors to pick up packages.

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