Pair of semi wheels fly loose, crash through SD house


South Dakota highway patrol troopers say a semitrailer truck lost a set of dual wheels that went flying from the road and smashed through the wall of a house, creating a surreal scene of destruction inside the home, the South Dakota Highway Patrol says.

No one was home at the time and no one was injured, the Argus Leader reports.

In the Sunday afternoon incident, the truck was cruising along at about 60 mph on Interstate 90 near Rapid City when the pair of wheels sprung loose. The wheels crossed a median and a service road, hit an embankment and were launched into the air, bouncing once before blowing a hole in the side of the home, investigators said.

State patrol photos posted to Facebook tell the tale: The dual wheels crashed through the house's outside wall as well as an interior wall before coming to rest next to a table holding a 12-pack of beer. In the photos, drywall is splattered throughout the house.

It was a "strange" scene, troopers noted.

The truck was taken to a nearby truck stop for repairs, patrol investigators said.

The cause of the wheels popping loose has not been disclosed.

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